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Would anyone like to roleplay with me? If so please feel free to NOTE me.

I have a few rules and warnings.


:bulletred:I do not roleplay Yaoi or Yuri
:bulletred:I only roleplay as women characters, I will play a man if the roleplay calls for it. But I mostly play women.
:bulletred:I roleplay in a paragraph type form, or story form.
:bulletred:I do NOT like curt sentences or one sentence replies.
:bulletred:I will roleplay any rating from PG to R.

Here are a few things I am interested in roleplaying:

:bulletpink:Right now I am BIG on Loki and the Avengers.
:bulletpink:American McGee Alice
:bulletpink:Dead or Alive
:bulletpink:Beauty and the Beast
:bulletpink:The Little Mermaid
:bulletpink:The Princess and the Frog
:bulletpink:Sleeping Beauty
:bulletpink:Elfen Lied
:bulletpink:Ever After High
:bulletpink:Fatal Frame
:bulletpink:Final Fantasy
:bulletpink:Howls Moving Castle
:bulletpink:Monster High
:bulletpink:Princess Monanoke
:bulletpink:Rise of the Guardians
:bulletpink:Silent Hill
:bulletpink:Sailor Moon
:bulletpink:Spirited Away
:bulletpink:Winx Club

I also roleplay with original character that you can see in my gallery.

If you would like to roleplay or need anymore information. Please feel free to note me.
Happy New Year's everybody! I hope you all have a great time with your family and friends. Or if you're like me this year and stay at home while watching TV, I hope you have an awesome time XD. This year has been awesome and I hope that 2014 will be even better!

*For everyone who is out partying, I hope you all will return home safe ;)*




Many Congrats to DollDivine who just a had a baby boy! :D :D :heart: :party:
I wish only the best for you and your new baby! ;)
Hello fellow DollDivine Lovers!

I know it's been a while since I've updated the group's blog but I figured, now that I have free time, to finally update. Since I've been gone, the huge collaboration between Azalea's Dolls and DollDivine was finally completed. The Lotr & Hobbit Scene Maker. This in my opinion is one of DollDivine's top doll makers eveeer! It is so complete and so diverse that I can play all day long. I totally recommend it for anyone who hasn't played it! ;)

For those who have a Premium Membership on DollDivine's webiste, you guys could Beta Test the next doll maker: Ocean Scene Maker. Right now, only the male doll can be customized and it still needs things to be fixed. But so far, I liiiiike! XD For those of you who unfortunately don't have the Premium Membership, I promise you it will be worth the wait :)

I'll try and keep the group updated with the new games coming out ;)

New Dress up Alert! For those who don't know yet, Inskribble and DollDivine have released another dress up called, "Neptune's Daughter". I am so in love with this game, I love the neon colors, the various customization options for the tail, hair and fins. I highly suggest everybody to go play it and submit your mermaids! :D

Your Founder,


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